Last Chapter Meeting Minutes

Lewis and Clark Chapter of ISA

June 10, 2023

Meeting Minutes in person meeting at Tutta Bella Restaurant Seattle WA

The meeting was at Atelier Richard Boerth.

4026 Stone Way North #102

Seattle, WA 98103


Richard is an expert in antiques frames conservation and restoration. He is 3rd generation in the business and a well know expert.

Richard gave the group a two-hour presentation on Antique frames construction, identification, and restoration. 

Members note you can use for required development for two hours.  


Members present: Pamela Jaynes, Brenna Chu, Nicole Roberts, Business Agent John Craughan and guest Barbara Craughan 


Following the presentation, the group met at Tutta Bella restaurant for lunch and a business meeting.


Old Business

The first order of business was to review the minutes from the May 23rdnd Meeting, Minutes were approved unanimously.


New Business

  1. It was brough to my attention that Tuesday at 5 PM is not a great time for many. The group discussed the time, and I got response from other members through email. We will try on Wednesday at 7 PM. It can always be changed this is your chapter and it needs to work for you.
  2.  As in previous years we will not have in-person meetings in July and August, it is vacation and shows for some. We will have a Zoom meeting on Wednesday the 23rd of August at 7 PM to firm up future plans for the September meeting. 
  3. Pamela volunteered to investigate Museum activities and will bring some suggestions at the Zoom meeting. Thank you, Pamela. 
  4. Keeping in mind Shelly had offered to have to group visit her fan collection, we were not able to firm up as Shelly was not able to attend the meeting.
  5. Another in person meeting can be Zappffe silversmith for a later time.
  6. John suggested asking a judge’s expectation from an expert witness. Please write your questions and send them to me.  I will contact a friend who is a retired judge and ask if she would be willing to do this and get a suggestion of an estate lawyer so we can get a better understanding of the state requirements from an appraiser for probate.  YOUR HOMEWORK IS TO MAKE YOUR LIST OF QUESTIONS AND SEND THEM TO ME. I will keep you updated on my progress. 
  7. Financials: $2398.93, The only expense was $20 for the business license. 

Respectfully submitted. 


Nicole Roberts President 

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