The Lewis and Clark chapter of the International Society of Appraisers is located in Western Washington State and promotes education and ethical standards of members to serve the general public in the field of appraising personal property. Each appraiser in the group provides independent third party opinions of value in the general fields of antiques and collectibles, fine arts, gems and jewelry. Another general field of personal property that can be covered through recommended associates is machinery and equipment. The reasons that a personal property appraisal might be necessary include documentation of ownership, due diligence for purchase and sale agreements, insurance coverage, donations or gifting for tax purposes, dissolution of partnerships or marriages, estate and/or probate planning for tax purposes and any appraisals that might be required by a court of law. Do not hesitate to call any of our members to discuss your needs. As competent and ethical appraisers we will guide you towards a solution to your issues.

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