Next Chapter Event 




a) Saturday, August 17, 2019, starting at 11:00 PM (earlier due to the location and "double" event)
Location: United State Naval Undersea Warfare Museum
1 Garnett Way, 
Keyport, WA 98345
(360) 396-5547
(360) 396-5548
Curator/Tour Leader: TBA
b) We will then caravan to my/Greg's condo for our lunch and chapter meeting at Burner's Point if the weather is good (bring sun screen and/or hats and/or umbrellas - for the sun). If the weather is poor, we will stay at the condo. The point is less than 1 mile from my place, and is a nice walk or can be driven to within about 200 yards if needed by anyone.  
Each person is asked to please email me with something they will bring for the meal. First come first serve to claim the following: Salad; drinks/favorite mixes (except alcohol, I will have that for everyone); meal items (as you would like to suggest/bring); snacks; etc... I might also suggest brings a backpack to carry the food/drinks in tot the point, folding chairs and/or blankets to sit on at the point. There is one picnic table at the point (at least there used to be!).  
Location After Museum: Greg's Condo/Burner's Point
90 Admiralty Lane
Ste. 345
Port Ludlow, WA 98365. 


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